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Nigerian Breweries proposes N1.30 Kobo interim dividend



-Posts 2008 FYE warrants today
Proshare NI
May 21 2009 at 17:49 GMT
Nigerian Breweries Plc (NB Plc) has today May 21 2009 proposed an interim dividend of N1.30kobo per share on the Floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in Lagos Nigeria.
This is the first interim dividend for year 2009 Financial Year declared by the Brewing Giant.
However, NB Plc affirmed that the dates of closure of register of members are June 22 to June 26 2009; while payment date is July 02 2009.
As contained in the year 2008 Annual Reports and Accounts, the company’s Financial Year End (FYE) dated December 31 2008 has a total of 7,562,562,340 shares outstanding.
Prior to this time, NB Plc in year 2008 declared a series of interim and final dividends amounting to N3.40 Kobo in the review period.
A breakdown of this is as follows, October 08 2008 NB Plc declared N1.00 dividend, on December 29 2008, it declared another N1.90 Kobo and on April 03 2009 declared a 50 Kobo dividend totalling N3.40 Kobo in the period under review.
In the same vein, the Brewing Giant has today May 21 2009 posted the year 2008 final dividend warrant to investors of the company as contained in its Annual Reports and Accounts made available to Proshare NI.
The warrants the company affirmed would be posted to shareholders whose names appear on the company’s Register of Members at the close of business on Friday March 27 2009.
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