Nestle & FO - Early Filers in 2015; Rewards with Dividend and Bonus


Wednesday, February 25, 2015 4:35 PM / TheAnalyst


The declaration and payment of both cash and scrip dividend has become a norm in any capital market system as return on investment remain the key driver of investment decisions.


As a result, it is important that a company make adequate profits before the idea of rewarding the shareholders can be looked at by the board of directors.


So far in 2015, five (5) quoted firm have released their 2014 Audited financial with NB recording the highest PAT figure of N42,520 mln while JOHNHOLT recorded the highest PAT growth with 535.48%.


In terms of revenue, NB recorded the highest revenue figure of N268,613 mln while FO recorded the highest revenue growth with 32.88%.


On corporate action, only three(3) out of the five (5) that have so far released its audited results recommended dividends, with NESTLE proposing the highest return at N17.50k, closely followed by NB with N3.50k while FO proposed both cash and bonus dividends of N2.50k and 1 for 5, respectively.

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1.     NESTLE Proposes N17.50k per share Final dividend in '14 Audited result,(SP:824.01k)
2.     FO declares 250k dividend per share in '14 Audited result,(SP:222.00k)
3.    NB Proposes N3.50 dividend per share in '14 Audited result,(SP:N131.80K)


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