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Intercontinental Bank: Registrar reissues investors warrant



Proshare NI
May 21 2009 at 16:40 GMT
Intercontinental Registrars Limited is reissuing investors dividend warrants on the Intercontinental Bank Plc (IB Plc) 2008 Financial Year End (FYE). Proshare NI confirmed this from Intercontinental Registrars in Lagos Nigerian.
This is coming on the heels of complaints to Proshare NI from some shareholders of the company on the non-payment of the Banks year 2008 FYE dividend payout.
One of the mails from a shareholder of the company, Adeyemi Abiodun reads thus: “Please can you help me forward this mail to Wema Registrar for the non-payment of my dividend for the intercontinental Bank year 2008 dividend payout.
I have two (2) sets of shares with intercontinental Bank; one is 5,923 units while the second one is 14,000 units. The dividend for the first one was received while the second one which is 14,000 units is yet to be received.
I went to one of the Intercontinental Bank branches but was directed to go the Registrar all attempts to locate their e-mail address has proofed abortive.
The particulars of the shares that I am still expecting the dividend are as follows: IBPLC/20062ACC NO.932922 Name: ADEYEMI ABIODUN, Address: c/o Mrs. Seun ADEYEMI, International School, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State. Number of units: 14,000, Certificate Number: 602033 Account Number: 932922 WR 0798017” the mail states.
Proshare NI visited Intercontinental Registrars who confirmed that dividend warrants in respect of the Banks year 2008 payment has been dispatched via post.
Intercontinental Registrars however, confirmed to Proshare NI that they are ready to reissue to any shareholder of the Bank who has not received his or her warrant.
“We have since posted these warrants to investors of the Bank, however, anybody who is yet to receive the warrant for the review period should visit our office and fill an indemnity form, and we will reissue another one” a Source said.
Proshare NI gathered that Intercontinental Registrars took over the account of the Bank from Wema Registrars Limited who was formally Registrars to the Bank about two years ago.
As earlier reported, Intercontinental Bank paid a 75 Kobo dividend to its investors in the year 2008 FYE.
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