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ECOBANK TRASNATIONAL INCORPORATED – List of Directors and Company Secretary




1 September, 2010
List of Directors
The company has notified The Exchange of the updated list of its Directors and Company Secretary as follows;
Mr. Kolapo Lawson Chairman
Mr. Christian Adovelande 1st Vice President
Mr. Andre Siaka 2nd Vice President
Dr. Babatunde Ajibade Non-Executive Director
Mr. Kwasi Boatin Non-Executive Director
Mr. Paulo Gomes Non-Executive Director
Mr. Assad Jabre Non-Executive Direcor
Mr. Sipho G.Mseleku Non-Executive Director
Mr. Isyaku Umar Non-Executive Director
Mr. Arnold Ekpe Group Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Offong Ambah Executive Director
Mrs. Laurence do Re’go Executive Director
Mr. Albert Essien Executive Director
Mrs Evelyne Tall Executive Director
Mr. Morgan Fianko Asiedu Company Secretary Issuers
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