CSCS Online: Special Notice for Online Subscribers




If your online access has been inactive for sometime now, complaints that have not been attended to by CSCS or you are experiencing any form of difficulty in accessing your portfolio (stock account) online, whether presently or in the past or you have forgotten your login/password, Central Securities Clearing System Ltd would like to deal with them promptly.
You are therefore encouraged to call CSCS on the following lines; +234 1 454 5966, +234 1 454 5967, +234 702 576 8500, +234 702 576 8444, +234 702 576 8430 or e-mail CSCS vide
CSCS will equally like to let you know that the process for renewal of your online access has been simplified to enable you renew your account without going through your Stockbroker or the CSCS itself.
You can renew your account all by yourself and you can also pay for as many years as you want uninterrupted access for.
Please note that it takes about 24 hours after payment for your Deposit Slip (Teller) number to be valid for use. If your Deposit Slip number begins with zero(s) e.g. 001234 or an alphabet at the beginning or end, e.g. B123456 or 123456F, please ignore the zero(s) or alphabet and enter only the numbers.
Carefully follow the procedure below to renew your access.
1.      log-on to;
2.      click on “Sign Up”
3.      find “Subscription Renewal” and click on it,
4.      enter your Username (in small letters only),
5.      enter your CHN or Member code depending on your Account Type (in capital letters only),
6.      select your User Type and number of years you want to pay for,
7.      enter your Deposit Slip (Teller) number and click on “Proceed with Renewal Payment”.
Account Name:  Central Securities Clearing System Ltd.
Bank Name:       GTBank
Account No:      203 1501667/1/12
Account Type:   Current Account.
Account Name:  Central Securities Clearing System Ltd.
Bank Name:      UBA
Account No:     0002-0030008755
Account Type:  Current Account.
S/N    CATEGORIES                                                    AMOUNT (PER ANNUM)
1.      INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR                                       N2,500.00
2.      SPECIAL ACCOUNT- INDIVIDUAL                          N2,500.00
3.      SPECIAL ACCOUNT- CORPORATE/FAMILY              N5,000.00
4.      MARGIN ACCOUNT (Per Trading/Main Account)      N5,000.00
5.      SPECIAL ACCOUNT - CUSTODIAN                        N50,000.00
6.      PRIMARY DEALER/MARKET MAKER                        N50,000.00
7.      CREDITOR/PENSION CUSTODIAN                          N50,000.00
8.      STOCKBROKING FIRM                                         N50,000.00
Central Securities Clearing System Ltd
16 Owena St.Parkview Estate,, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
@ A Proshare Market Information Public Service
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