Year-end Review: NSEASI Closes Year 2015 with -17.36% Loss - Dec'15 SSS Report


Monday, January 04 2016, 05.15PM /


Nigerian Equities Market closed the year 2015 in the negative territory as NSEASI recorded -17.36% loss as against -16.14% loss recorded in 2014. The two-day rally witnessed in the last trading days of the year contributed to the reduction of total market loss earlier recorded while market regulators will look up to providing more products to deepen the market in the new year.


In the market year-end review carried out by Proshare Research, analysis revealed that Financial Services sector dominated market trading by volume with over 80% contribution recorded while ACCESS from the same sector topped market volume for the year.


Furthermore, analysis on how key NSE sectors fared was also done as NSE Banking Index recorded the highest loss to close the year with -23.59% returns as other sector indices also closed red except for NSE Industrial Index which closed the year with a marginal gain of +1.27%

In a similar vein, reviews on top events in the capital market in the year 2015 was also carried, top 10 policy reforms in 2015; The NBS Consumer Price Index – January to November 2015; Where to invest in 2016 and Stocks not to buy in 2016 as well as an Investment Comparison Calculator.


While market regulators recorded tremendous achievements in 2015 with the launch of Minimum operating standard for dealing firms, the launch of e-Dividend Mandate Management System, the launch of X-Boss and the NSE Trade Smart and Online Portals, it is pertinent to state that the kickoff of the Direct Cash Settlement System from Jan 4th, 2016 is another milestone for the market which will boost investors’ confidence.


In this edition of The Nigerian Capital Market Service Report, we continue the updates of our data section with latest figures even as we added/ a new section for additional Economic indicators & Upcoming Events in the market and economy. This is to ensure that we deliver a comprehensive capital market service report that helps cover and track innovations, developments as well as service issues in the market effectively.


In all, the December 2015 SSS Quality Report is a snapshot and aide memoire of developments in our market - tracking milestones that the investing public should be aware of. Do feel free to share your opinions/observations and feedback with us vide


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