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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 11:52 PM / Share Support Services

The continuous development of the Nigerian Capital Market remains the core function of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and since the post-financial crisis has had to drive this process through leading to wholesome changes in practice, process and performances across the service platforms and investor engagement points.

While there may be varied views about the rate and depth of change delivered vis-à-vis the state of our markets; there appears to be consensus on the marked improvements and opportunity to innovate and move towards world class standards.

The desire to benchmark our local market realities with world class standards in the midst of a dysfunctional and absent infrastructural support not only reflects the desperation to avoid being left behind but the frustration with the disconnect with the dynamism of the customer/consumer served. While some service firms have benefitted from size and scope, most service firms (CMO’s) are caught in the middle; with the majority struggling at the deep end of the abyss.

A few more changes are expected by the end of the year which should, all things being equal alter the face of the service environment. Some of the changes need to be reviewed while others need to be better understood and appreciated.

In all, investors need a better appreciation and understanding of these changes and developments.

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The Nigerian Stock Exchange, understanding this paradigm shift is playing a leading role in encouraging innovation and multiple routes to the market for firms and improved investor confidence through a series of initiatives. As the nations’ premier market information provider, we recognize this and intend to help subscribers stay on top of issues around service levels, innovations and what it means.

It is not our intention to repeat the discussions, articles and analysis from our daily online reports but to sift through the myriad of facts & data, and present key developments and information; allowing the reader to make his/her own judgment.

The Capital Market Service Report is authored by the Share Support Service Unit, producers of ‘The Nigerian Investor’ weekly TV Program on

This June 2014 edition provides a snapshot of the key tracking year to date, consistent with the goal of providing the market with a service quality level index.


Executive Summary                                         03

Investors’ complaint Summary                          04

Innovations in the Market                                 05

Funds and Investment Products in the Market       07

Listings and De-Listings                                    10

ASeM Market Update                                       11

Market Compliance                                          12

Registrars’ Website Review                               16

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We will be happy to receive your feedback and support. One thing that should impress readers going forward is how these interventions of ours retain its focus on the investing public and the future market now upon us.

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