Service Delivery Propelled by Innovations in the NCM - June 2014 SSS Report


Saturday, July 05, 2014 12.36 AM / SSS


This edition, we dissect the online trading platforms now available in the market (as at end of June 2014) and those for which credible information points towards, as part of the paradigm shift in the market. Yet we o much more, we equally address the other issues affecting the investing public here as we stated in our May 2014 report.


The place of innovation in any capital market cannot be over-emphasized as it remains the key driving force for its relevance, development and value in the financial services market space.


While innovations are healthy for the market (as such improvements help sustain market survival while continual innovative thinking keeps the market recurrently healthier), being accountable to the investing public remains much more important – it is the DNA of the regulator-investor nexus.


In this month’s edition of “The Nigerian Capital Market Service Report” we pay a special emphasis on the “Paradigm Shift in the Investor–Broker Service Delivery” relationship and the innovations that have taken place to date.


Recall that the Nigerian Stock Exchange has well spelt out ‘key initiatives and the pillars’ for growth. Of these, two or more initiatives stand out and resonate well with the investing public – the use of technology to improve services and the emphasis on supervision/compliance/enforcement as a component of investor confidence building.


One of the pillars was expected to be achieved through the delivery of a new trading platform and automation of the transaction life cycle process. The eventual delivery of the new trading engine (X-Gen) in September 2013 has since enabled the development of new trading platforms in the market, which has aided the enthusiasm for the rebirth of the retail investment market.


The June 2014 SSS Quality report focuses on this development and provides a snapshot of the key tracking needed to enable investors make an informed/intelligent decision.


Do feel free to share your opinions/observations and feedback with us vide


One thing that should impress readers going forward is how these interventions of ours retain its focus on the investing public and the future market now upon us.


Other information in the report include:

·         Investors’ complaint Summary                                        

·         Innovations in the Market                  

·         Funds and Investment Products in the Market          

·         Listings and De-Listings           

·         ASeM Market Update              

·         Market Compliance       

·         Registrars’ Website Review                


Download PDF – June ‘2014 SSS Quality Report HERE


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