NOW OUT! - 36 States & FCT Economic Report plus Estimated 2016 States GDP, Well-Being Profiles


Sunday, July 09, 2017  01.25PM / Proshare Economy

In furtherance of its quest to make available factual inputs into economic decision-making in Nigeria, while providing you, discerning users of economic data a clearer perspective on economic opportunities across sectors, states and regions; Economic Associates (EA) announced the release of its much awaited 36 States of Nigeria plus FCT Report - Economic, Fiscal, Sector and Well-Being Profiles; July 2017 Edition.


The report is now presented in four volumes namely:

1.       Outlook - which provides easy-to-read summaries of the economic data

2.      At-a-Glance - which provides compelling comparative perspectives;

3.      A-to-Z - which presents analytical state-by-state profiles; and,

4.      Regional Insights - which provides inter-regional comparisons alongside very detailed intra-regional profiles.


This edition also includes new estimates of States’ 2016 GDP and

·        sector shares derived from Nigeria’s re-based GDP series for the first time since the re-basing,

·        insights from States’ 2017 budget, and

·        2015 well-being indicators across states.


Invitation to Subscribe to the July Edition of Economic Associates’ States Report

Proshare, as part of its practice mission to make work with and through credible and reliable information entities, is again happy to support this work and humbly encourage your subscription to same in order to not only deepen the quality of debate, decisions and options to the country; but to get you thinking of how to tap into the public-private development opportunities that exist in the country.


Kindly visit to download a copy of the brochure and to complete an online subscription form using the code #ProEA2017 in the message box. This code entitles you to a discount on pourchase.


You can also contact  or call 0700PROSHARE for more information. We will also be glad to follow up with you regarding this request.


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