Bauchi State and Ebonyi State Governments apply for N15bn and M9.34bn Bond respectively


Wednesday, September 17, 2014 7.43AM / SEC

The Commission as the apex regulator of the Nigerian capital market is empowered by the Investments and Securities Act (ISA) Cap 124, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN), 2007 to regulate and develop the Nigerian Capital Market. Consequently, the Commission is making this publication.

Section 223 (1) of the ISA 2007 states that “a body to which this part of this Act applies may raise, from time to time, internal loans for any specific project authorized by the approving authority of the body in any one or more of the following was – 

(a) By the issue of securities in the form of registered bonds; or

(b) By the issue of securities in the form of promissory notes…” 

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 223 (1) of the Act, the Ebonyi State Government and the Bauchi State Government has applied seeking the approval of the Commission to raise funds through the issuance of Bond in the Nigerian Capital Market. 

The Commission in ensuring a fair and transparent market and in public interest hereby publishes below the details and proposed utilization of this Bond, for comments or objections (if any) from the general public:

Download the PDF Application for Ebonyi State Here



Download the PDF Application for Bauchi State Here

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