Security Tips for Your Business: Raising Awareness about Cybersecurity


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The digital revolution came with a lot of benefits for individuals and businesses. The accompanying risks of the digital revolution are also numerous and have necessitated raising awareness about cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity involves protecting the digital content of an organization against different forms of cyber-attacks. As regards cybersecurity, proactiveness is highly important as the scope of cyberattacks could be devastating. This proactiveness cuts across the seemingly small aspects such as passwords and the more demanding protocols such as establishing an authentication system. 

This article covers some tips for keeping your business safe from cyber-attacks.



As insignificant as passwords may seem in the grand scheme of thing, they are the basics of cyber-attacks. That is why the use of strong passwords is emphasized. Strong passwords are impregnable by hackers and a basic step to ensuring cybersecurity. 

However, strong passwords are typically easier to forget, and weaker passwords are typically chosen as an alternative. 

With passwords, it is important to find the middle ground: a password that is strong enough yet simple enough to be remembered. One could create a system for creating passwords across their different platforms. The use of special symbols makes a password stronger too. 

Another important tip as regards passwords is to avoid repeating the same password across different platforms. Hackers seek access to as many platforms as possible and will try whatever password they get even with modifications across different platforms. 

It is also important to create awareness on the creation of strong passwords amongst employees so that it is part of the culture of the organization. Basic tips for creating passwords include not using one's name, birthday, surname or even spelling out a word. 

Employees should also be made aware of the fact that every password is integral to the cybersecurity of the organization and should be treated as such. Practices such as the careless storage of passwords and the sharing of passwords over communication lines that are not encrypted should also be discouraged among employees. A company password manager could also be used to keep all the passwords used within the organization.


Wi-Fi security

As much as free Wi-Fi is good and readily available, the use of unsecured Wi-Fi outside the office can give hackers access to company data. The use of a VPN is thus recommended if one must connect to public Wi-Fi to prevent cyber attacks that may result. Read more about VPNs HERE


Data backup

Data loss occur at the most unexpected times, and this could deal a major blow to an organization if regular backups are not carried out. Thus, the importance of data backup in maintaining cyber security cannot be overemphasized.  

This regular data backup should cover important data that when lost can affect the productivity of the organization. A system of establishing data that fall into this category should be established. 

Data backups could be done with a physical storage device or a cloud-based system. The access to data backups should be highly limited. Also, the location of the backups should differ from where the source data is located to prevent hackers from accessing both the source and backup. 

Another important tip as regards data backup is to ensure that the data is valid by testing it afterward.


Authentication methods

The implementation of authentication methods adds another layer of security to the digital content of an organization. Such authentication methods include the two-factor authentication method. This method involves the combination of a previously generated access method with an access method that will be generated at the point of transaction. 

For example, a password could be combined with a token or PIN that is generated at the moment the transaction is to be completed. Fingerprints could also be as part of multiple authentication methods. Two-factor authentication services are provided by cyber security firms and could be implemented for actions that range from accessing a restricted file to making financial transactions. 

Research has established that only passwords are not sufficient for providing the kind of security that keeps hackers away hence the increased implementation of multiple authentication



Software updates

In staying safe from cyber attacks, it is important for a business to use only updated software. Even the most recent version of a software may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, and regular updates are the antidote for security breaches from software flaw. It is thus important to follow up the manufacturers of software used by your business and make updates as soon as they are released. 

The fact that an updated version of the software implies that the manufacturers found a flaw worth fixing or have put together a more efficient version of the software. 

Thus scheduled software updates even if it involves manually updating the file are necessary for staying on top the cybersecurity of a firm.

The cybersecurity of your business is worth implementing the measures highlighted above, at least the basic measures like password and Wi-Fi security.


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