Why Income Funds are Preferable to Savings Accounts


Tuesday, November 28, 2017  04.49PM / ACAP

Have you for once considered what value you get from putting money in your bank savings accounts over a period of time? Perhaps at best for conventional saving account products, you may earn interest below 5% per annum if you do not withdraw from the account over a certain period. In addition, withdrawals must not exceed a certain number of times for the account to accrue the interest.

Do you know however, that you can in fact earn much more in returns if you put the same amount in a mutual fund product such as ACAP CanaryGrowth Fund and ACAP Income Fund?

Here are a few reasons why you should prefer putting your savings in ACAP CanaryGrowth Fund and ACAP Income Fund compared to conventional savings products:

1.       Mutual funds are exempted from tax while your savings account is not.

You earn competitive returns on the mutual Funds in multiples of a savings account interest.

There is a high level of security of your investment in the mutual Funds because Fund Managers are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Your investments in the mutual Funds are professionally managed to achieve optimal returns while ensuring their preservation from value erosion.

You achieve increased income overtime in relation to your investments in financial instruments. 

Get your money to work for you by investing in ACAP CanaryGrowth Fund and ACAP Income Fund to achieve twin objectives of capital preservation and superior returns.

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