How to Make Your Life Work as Planned This Year?


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One of the biggest financial dilemmas for many people living in the world today is that there is a big gap between what they plan to do each year and the results they achieve at the end of the year. The reason for this gap is that there are certain factors that determine how your life goes each year and depending on where you are and how you structure your life this gap can be big or small.


There are about five factors that affect how your life goes each year. These factors are discussed below. The first factor is your Strategy, the second is Your Savings, the third factor is Focus, while the fourth and fifth factors are Completed Actions and Your Role model.


To give you a clearer understanding of how each of these factors affects your life, let me explain them in detail.



1.      Your Strategy

Your strategy is one of the greatest factors that affect your life each year. Imagine for a second that I just found out about two oil well in my backyard and wanted to pay someone N1, 000, 000, to dig and explore the well. If two people showed up for the job, and one of them decides to use manual labor and do the job alone, and completed the job within one year, while the other decided to use a high-tech machine and completed the job within one day.


I will pay each of them the same amount of money as agreed. However, one of them would have used a smart strategy that saved him time and energy and freed up space to earn extra income, while the other would have tied down his time the entire year. The moral of the story is this, most people are earning in one year what they could be earning in one day. When your strategy is not smart, you waste time, overwork yourself, and deprive yourself of extra income-earning opportunities.



2.     Your Savings

The second factor that affects your life each year is your savings. Saving is a critical component of financial success. It is critical because it gives you the ability to act on your goals.  Without savings, you cannot seize additional income-earning opportunities or protect yourself in the event of an income loss. To save successfully you must increase your savings to the point that it overwhelms your bills. There are two ways to increase savings, the first way is to reduce expenses and the second way is to add another source of income to your main income. When you save more than you spend your life will work as planned each year.



3.     Your Focus

The third factor is Focus. Focus is critical for financial success and focus will affect how your life works each year. The truth is every year you will have goals that are competing for the attention of your limited resources. The only way to achieve these goals is to break them down and prioritize the 20% goals that will make the most difference in your life. You must then focus on these goals to the exclusion of all other goals. This is how successful people achieve success and what you too must-do if you want to achieve success.



4.    Completed Action

The fourth factor that can affect your life this year is the number of goals you begin and complete. At the end of the year, your results will reflect what gets done not what you are planning to do, thinking about doing, starting to do, or even doing. It is what gets done that is the real game-changer. This is what will differentiate you from the many other people who will not make progress this year. Successful people are massive action takers. They are constantly closing the gap between what they are thinking about, planning to do, and what gets done. Average people learn. Keep learning, keep planning, keep thinking, and never get anything done. Therefore, they never achieve real success. If you want to achieve your goals this year you must take massive action and get a lot of things done.



5.     Your Role Model

The final factor that will determine how your life goes this year is who you model. The person you model will determine where you end up. You cannot model a failure and achieve success. The problem most times is that people are modeling average people and expecting to achieve successful results. They model their parents, uncle, friends, or colleagues who are at the same level as them, at a lower level than them or at a slightly higher level than them. They do not model the people that wear the kind of wealth that they desire. In most cases, they even hate or resent them. The good news is you cannot become the person that you resent, and you cannot model somebody else and become another person.


There is a big gap between the attitude, mindset, and actions of successful people and average people. Average people take average actions, have average mindsets, and produce average results. So, if you want to be successful you must model the person that reflects the kind of success that you desire.


Making your life work as planned each year requires deliberate action. You must not just plan to do but do all the things that will support the achievement of your goals. Need help to stay on track with your goals this year? Send an email to

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