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Monday, May 11, 2015 1:42 PM /Invest Data Consulting

Since the introduction of money as a replacement to trade by barter, it has always been in circulation but only amassed by those who understand and know how to send it on errands to work for them. Before I go further, what is success? Success is travelling on the right road towards your goal. Simply put success is, “A progressive realization of worthy ideal”. Though money is very hard to define, but for economic reasons, it is anything that is generally acceptable, in the settlement of debts, and medium of exchange. 

It is a common scene to see people who work round the clock or even earn reasonable salaries and yet have little or nothing to show for it. This is because they have one source of income, called;” Linear Income”. Until you put your money down to work for you in investment mix such as real estate, bond and shares, where residual income is generated, you have not succeeded with your money.

We live in Africa where some attribute their lack of wealth to being bewitched by some unseen forces.  But the truth is not far fetched; it is lack of knowledge and non-application of the basic principle of wealth creation. Without the application of these principles, one will end up being enslaved by others, no matter how much one earns. As a man’s status improves, so his responsibilities, while climbing the socio-economic ladder. Wealth does not come automatically to those who earn fat salaries or to the extra strong or educated. It only responds to appropriate principles, which like the law of gravity, will never fail as long as heaven and earth remains.

Receive the tenets of succeeding with your money.

Here, a part of all your earnings should not be spent. Make it a duty basis to save a part of what you earn on a regular basis. Do not spend all your earnings, no matter how pressing a need may be. Most people that applied this principle in the past are wealthy today. No matter how much you earn, keep at least 10 percent of such for savings every month. Suppose you earn = N=15,000 per month, spend =N=12,000 on your needs and leave the remaining =N=3000 in your savings account.  This is because you add =N=3,000 to your account each month. You will notice that in just 5 months, you will have at least =N=15,000. If you continue with this diligently, in 10 months, you will have over =N=30,000 (interest exclusive). So, you see that each passing month makes you worth more than you were the previous months.  Your money will grow by the months. As it grows, you get stimulated and greater efforts will come to you to assist you make more money through investing in multiple sources of income. When you begin to implement and save part of the money that comes to you, money will flow to you more easily than before. Remember that doors of opportunity will only open to you when you have a solid financial base to utilize the opportunity for greater wealth. 

No matter your profession, money /wealth can be yours if only you are ready to follow these principles.  Therefore, every one that is involved in a venture has to himself a stream that can make him as wealthy as he wants to become. Remember that all the money you desire in life is tied to the one you have now if you know how to send it on errand. It is a fact of life that the one who gathers much begin with little. The money you possess now, if properly utilized, can lead to a greater wealth tomorrow, but if you continue to spend all that comes to you, you have denied yourself the opportunity of succeeding with your money, thus making your future cloudy. Be wise! Money tends to flow more easily to those who use it well, but flies away from those who spend extravagantly. Spending all your earnings brings you below the line, while saving and investing a part of all your earnings will bring you above line and sure prosperity!

At the beginning of the year, Investdata Consulting Ltd, recommended 10 stocks to buy for 2015 which was published in the national newspaper Daily Independent January 26 and February 2, 2015 respectively. The table below shows how the stocks have performed so far in the course of the year.

If you have sent your money an errand by investing in the stocks mentioned above for just 4 months, your financial worth would have increased with easy to meet many needs and enhanced your savings.

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