Economic Associate's Conference on Nigeria's Economic Outlook to Hold in 3 States this September


Monday, September 06, 2021 / 01:00 PM / By Economic Associates / Header Image Credit: Economic Associates


Economic Associates (EA) will host one-day open enrolment quarterly conference series on Nigeria's Economic Outlook in September 2021 as follows:

  1. Lagos: Thursday, 23 September 2021, at Lagos Continental Hotel, Plot 52A, Kofo Abayomi Street, VI
  2. Abuja: Tuesday 28 September, at The Envoy Hotel, 305 Diplomatic Drive, CBD
  3. Port-Harcourt: Thursday 30 September, at Hotel Presidential, Aba Road, GRA Phase II


The conference focuses on two home truths that set the tone for its four thematic sessions:


1.   Clarity on main themes of the evolving global terrain would be useful as the dynamics of global ecosystem is becoming a crucible that exposes continents, countries, states, sectors, companies, and individuals to a variety of melting-points.


2.  Clarity on how to convert threats into wins would be helpful as the timeliness and intensity of responses to various exposures to the global crucible will determine whether the ultimate outcomes are transformative or disruptive.


The four thematic sessions sequentially address four issues that are corollaries of the two home truths in the Nigerian context in which vital global realignment decisions are viewed through national, sub-national, or sectoral lenses:


1.   Global Crucible dimensions the emergent themes in the evolving global ecosystem, and develops cognitive guides and navigation strategies that classify global variables into leading, coincident, and lagging indicators as follows:


a.  Leading Indicators signal imminent booms and dooms in global transactions and portfolios


b.     Coincident Indicators: contemporaneously track ebbs and flows in trade and financial streams


c.     Lagging Indicators: gauge impact of the leading and coincident indicator-led strategy on the bottom line


2.  National Impact-Points assesses the extent to which Nigeria is in sync with unfolding global realities and how the navigation guides could be used to unlock national wealth and unleash new growth energies.

3. Subnational Impact-Points gauges the extent to which the states are in sync with unfolding global realities and how sub-nationals can use the navigation guides to enhance the wealth of states and cities.


4.  Sectoral Impact-Points examines how to use the navigation guides to synchronize business, social, and political adoption of digital, biological, physical, and ecological innovations to maximize corporate and personal gains.


EA now offers three mutually reinforcing modalities for updating and refining tacit notions about the context and outlook of economic decisions:


1.  The tacit insights from our past conferences are now codified in our subscription report on Nigeria's Economic Outlook for wider circulation among decision makers at national, sub-national, and sectoral levels who desire reference documents for guiding economic decisions.


2.   The contents of our report are adaptable for in-house presentations on Nigeria's Economic Outlook to make them accessible to more national, sub-national and sectoral organizations who desire deeper internal engagement that is required to assimilate the issues into their strategies.


3.  The open-enrolment conferences on Nigeria's Economic Outlook offer decision makers opportunities to engage external peers, with varied backgrounds and aspirations, on the latest developments in global, national, sub-national, and sectoral spheres, and refine their tacit notions of the best adaptive responses to unfolding realities.


Subscribe for the report, schedule an in-house presentation, and nominate participants to the next open enrolment conference series.


Kindly see more details in the brochure HERE


You can also make reservations using the form HERE


Participation is by prior reservation, subject to confirmation by EA. Pre-conference materials will be made available to confirmed participants one week in advance. Please complete online reservation form at or call Elohor 0803 195 1812, or e-mail for more information.


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