Environmental Climate outlook for Nigeria 2019


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At the recent Uk-Nigeria Climate Finance Accelerator workshop in Lagos, Proshare WebTV engaged the Minister of Environment Alhaji Suleiman Hassan on the 2019 environment outlook for Nigeria.

The Minister said  Climate Change is real with desertification posing a challenge, which is being addressed through the grey green wall project, with an agency in the ministry managing that.

He also noted that Erosion is real, and that the Federal Ministry of Environment had designed a new map with the ‘Erosion and Watershed Management Agency’ and the Bio-Diversity Management Agency playing critical roles in the environment space.

Alhaji Hassan also stated that the Forestry Department is also taking key steps in “Afforestation” measures to secure the environment.

Speaking further he called for an attitudinal reorientation for Nigerians on why they should keep a neat environment and understanding effective waste management procedures.

He agreed with the fact that intense human activities has created an adverse effect for the environment, to which the Ministry is committed to addressing.

This according to him is why all related  agencies in the Ministry have been repositioned to mitigate the effects of  desert encroachment, desertification, or erosion.

On the concerns of flooding  he said the actions of citizens not clearing their gutters, dropping refuse indiscriminately  on canals and waterways has contributed to the cases of flooding.

The Minister reassured Nigerians that the Federal Ministry of Environment is working with States to ensure that the nation does not experience ravaging floods, during the rainy season.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Related News