Economic Associate’s Conference on ‘Nigeria’s Economic Outlook’, to hold on September 27, 2018


Wednesday, August 29, 2018 09:00AM / Economic Associates

Economic Associates (EA) will host a one-day conference on Nigeria’s Economic Outlook on Thursday, 27 September 2018 at Lagos Continental Hotel, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


EA’s conferences offer rich opportunities to contemplate the future and gain fresh perspectives. Participants gain foresight on risks and opportunities on global and national horizons. They also gain insights on actions required to shape the future of the country, states/regions or companies.


Conversations at the conferences revolve around:      


1.       Global Outlook: The twin-gluts on the global scene: Global commodity glut has replaced the old regime of revenue and foreign exchange windfalls with a new regime of shortfalls; just as Global liquidity glut resulting from cash injections by leading central banks creates opportunities to unlock the liquidity required to mitigate the shortfalls.


2.      Country Outlook: as shaped by

(a.) Cyclical Swings in: Liquidity- money, bonds, equity, foreign reserves; Growth-GDP growth, sectoral growth; and, Stability- inflation, interest rate, and exchange rates.

(b.) Structural Shifts in production and spending, government revenue and expenditures, and activities across the states.

(c.) Hurdles limiting the deployment of fiscal, monetary, and investment policies.


3.      Mitigating Threats: Identifying and mitigating threats to National, States’, and Companies’ prospects.


4.      Reaping Gains: Contemplating actions needed to seize opportunities at Federal, State and Corporate levels.


Kindly download the agenda HERE

Please note that this event is by prior reservation only, and all reservations are subject to confirmation by EA. Please visit to complete the online reservation form. For more information, please call Omotola on 0703 344 2370, 0809 071 3133 or email

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