X-Compliance Report: Early Filers and Defaulters as at 5th August 2016

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Thursday, August 11, 2016 4:59pm /NSE/X-Compliance Report

Early Filers
Early filers are companies that file their financial statements at least two weeks before the due date.

The companies listed below have exceeded the minimum listing standards in terms of timely disclosure of their Audited Annual and quarterly financial performance.

Defaulters (Audited Accounts)
Companies listed below fell short of the minimum listing standards in terms of timely disclosure of their audited annual financial performance and are operating or operated Below the Listing Standards (BLS) or Awaiting Regulatory Approval (ARA) of The Exchange in the course of the year.

Defaulters (Quarterly Accounts)


Companies Slated for Delisting/Restructuring

The companies listed below are slated for delisting/delinquent/restructuring for various reasons stated.

Sanctions for Default Filings of Financial Statements


Free Float Deficiencies


NB: *The Company has notified The Exchange of its intention to delist from the Daily Official

       ** These companies have applied to The Exchange for Extension of time

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