The MG to Hold Roundtables On Reforms To Audit Standard-Setting Process

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Friday, 15 December 2017  05.32PM / IOSCO   

The MG is arranging the following roundtables to gather feedback from participants and answer their questions on possible options to enhance the governance, accountability and oversight of the international audit standard-setting process:

·         Johannesburg on 10 January;
·         London on 15 January;
·         Washington DC on 24 January; and
·         Singapore on 30 January.

Stakeholders wishing to attend, should request an invite via the consultation response email ( 

The MG is a group of international financial institutions and regulatory bodies that is responsible for the overall governance of the international audit-related standard-setting process and the review of its effectiveness. 

The consultation includes possible changes to the number of standard setting boards, their composition, their strategic focus, geographical balance and remit; the process to nominate their members; and their current oversight arrangements, among other elements.  

Given the global relevance of the reform process, the MG is particularly interesting in having the following stakeholders participate in the roundtable discussions:
·         Investors and users of financial statements;

Those charged with governance;



Audit firms and their networks;

Securities and other capital market regulators;

Prudential regulators;

Audit regulators and oversight bodies;

National standard setters;

Governments, NGOs and public sector organizations; and

Professional accountancy organizations.

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