Making the Right Investment Choices in 2012 - Mr. Bola Adeeko

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February 29, 2012

Mr. Bola Adeeko, the Head, Corporate Division of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in a presentation on the 26th of February 2012, suggests various ways to make the right investment choices in the year 2012.

According to him, the stock market has no age limitation, no sector limitation and no share price limitation adding that it is a platform for raising funds, for saving and for building wealth.

He also said that stock market is not a club for multinational companies and elite investors; it is accessible by any and everyone, and by all business entities.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is the third largest Exchange in Africa with market capitalization currently stands at N6.34trn

The NSE has approximately 5 million investors comprising of foreign (81% of market activity) and local (19% of market activity). It currently has 312 Brokers – dealer firms and 28 issuing houses.

Equities, bonds and ETF are various securities traded on NSE floor. 198 equities of N6.54trn ($43.06b) market cap; 48 bonds consisting of Federal 2.09trn ($13.76b) market cap; state bonds consisting of N308b ($2.03b) market cap; corporate stands at N1.34trn ($8.83b) market cap; and one ETF currently stands at N988m ($6051m).

The exchange has 14 electronic trading floors around Nigeria.

To make the right investment choices in 2012 therefore, one must:  

1.    1.Consult your broker or financial adviser

2.    2. Create a long – term investment plan

3.    3. Diversify your portfolio

4.    4. Do your home work/research; look for opportunities in the current marketplace

5.    5. Remember you are not a ‘Day Trader’

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