Invitation To Tender For The Implementation Of Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As part of efforts to support business operations and enhance productivity to achieve Operational efficiency, the Central Bank of Nigeria requires the implementation of an Enterprise Document Management Solution (EDMS), Business Process Management (BPM) Solution and relevant hardware for the automation of Document Management and the workflow of business processes across various business units of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The selected bidder shall supply, install and customize software and other services for Enterprise Document Management and Business Process Automation for the Central Bank of Nigeria. The minimum specified work to be undertaken by the bidders is Categorized under the following:

1) Procurement of following applications:

I. Document Management system

i. Document Archival, Retrieval and Management System

ii. Record Management System for managing life cycle of physical documents/records

II. BPM & Workflow Automation System

i. Process Modeling & Configuration

ii. In-build form designer

iii. Dashboard for Business Process Activity Monitoring for Process KPIs

iii. Bulk Scanning System

i. Bulk Scanning & Indexing System

2) Implementation of Enterprise Document Management Solution in 27 Departments and 37 branches of the bank including migration of data from existing system.

3) Implementation of Business Process Management System in 27 departments and 37 branches of the bank.

i. Carry out a Business Process review on 5 selected pilot business processes;

ii. The processes would be identified after consultation with key stake holders of the respective departments/business units at CBN;

iii. Gap analysis and documentation of the identified workflow processes to roll out as pilot deliverables.

iv. Automation of the 5 processes as mentioned in the above points using the  BPM platform.

4) Training

i. Training of Systems Administrators on all the modules of the solution to roll

out bulk scanning solution and to enable them provide first level support on the      system.

ii. Customized training of business unit users on using the applications.

5) On-site support post go-live for a period of 12 months

6) Warranty period of 1 year from date of Go-live.

7) Annual Technical Support (ATS) for 2 years, post warranty period



Interested and competent Service Providers wishing to provide the above service to CBN must submit the following documents for verification:-

a) Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission

b) Evidence of payment of tax for the last three (3) years as and when due.

c) Comprehensive company profile including registered address, functional contact   Email address, GSM phone number(s), facsimile number(s).

d) Verifiable evidence of similar jobs successfully executed in the past.

e) Reference letter from bank stating financial ability to carry out such project(s).

f) Current company’s audited statement of accounts.

g) Evidence of employees Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA) with a pension Fund Administrator.

h) Evidence of transferring all pension Funds and Assets prior to the commencement of the pension Reform Act to licensed pension operators.

i) Evidence of remittance of employer and employee pension contributions to the  Appropriate pension fund custodian/administrator.

j) Evidence of remittance of Training contributions to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).



k) An evidence of operation in Nigeria as an Original Software Developer (OSD) or  Original Equipment Manufacturer

l) Evidence of the deployment of similar solutions to other clienteles in Nigeria and Other countries.



Interested and competent contractors wishing to carry out the above job should collect the Information for Bid (IFB) from Secretary, Major Contracts Tenders Committee (MCTC), PSSD (2nd Floor, Wing C) on the payment of a non-refundable fee of N50, 000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira Only) for each bid. The payment will be in Bank Draft payable to CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA.

The submission will be in two separate envelopes.

A. The General Requirement should be submitted in one wax sealed envelope boldly    marked at the top left Corner:    “IMPLEMENTATION OF EDMS/BPM 2012”

B. Financial bid should be submitted in wax sealed envelope boldly marked at the top  left corner: “Financial Bid for the “IMPLEMENTATION OF EDMS/BPM 2012”

The submission should be addressed to:-
The Secretary,
Major Contracts Tenders Committee 2nd Floor,
Wing C CBN Head Office Complex,
Central Business District,
Abuja, FCT Nigeria
Fax No: 09-462-38239

All submissions must be received at the above address on or before 16.00 hours six weeks from the date of this publication.

The tenders shall be opened on 5th June 2012 at Central Bank of Nigeria Head Office Complex Abuja, 2nd Floor Wing D Conference Room by 11am.

1. Only successful pre-qualified company/companies will have their financial Bids evaluated. Full tendering procedure will be applied to contractors prequalified and found capable of executing the project.

2. Nothing in the advert shall be construed to be a commitment on the part of CBN.

3. The successful company/companies will be contacted.





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