IOSCO Research launches statistics web portal on securities markets

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Thursday, November 28, 2013 18:22 PM / IOSCO/MR/46/2013


The Research Department of the International Organization of Securities Commissions today launched a statistics web portal that provides the public with a global overview of specific securities markets.


The objectives of the new portal are threefold. First, it seeks to provide a centralized point for monitoring global trends, risks and vulnerabilities; second, to provide a mechanism for comparison of how well markets are recovering in light of the crisis; and finally, to provide IOSCO members and the broader financial community with easy access to key statistics, charts and indicators on a number of securities markets, including:


•      Corporate Debt - including global and regional issuances of investment grade and high yield debt

        Covered Bonds

•       Securitized Products - including issuance since the crisis

•     Islamic finance - sukuk bonds, with more products to be covered in the coming months

•       Equity IPO volumes

•       Equity market valuations - CAPE and Tobin's q measure

•       Syndicated Loans - including average cost of deals

•      Housing price indices - of selected countries


The portal will be updated on a monthly basis and represents the first step in an ongoing process to offer the public critical information on securities markets. In the coming months, the website will be further refined and developed. New additions already are in the pipeline.


To view the new website, please click on the following link:IOSCO 

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