CBN Introduces Additional Template to The Redesigned CRMS

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 / 11:37 AM / CBN

The CBN Circulars on the redesigned CRMS — Notice Of Commencement Of Compliance Status Checks (Ref No: FPR/D1R/GEN/CIR/07/002; dated June 6 2018), and Notice Of Regulatory Breach - Discrepancy Between FiNA (Total Value Of Loans And Advances) And Crms (Total Value Of Outstanding Balances) As AT 30th June 2018 (Ref No: FPR/D/R/GEN/CRM/05/230; dated August 20 2018) refer. 

May we bring to your attention that an additional feature/template has been introduced to the CRMS to specifically enable participating institutions perform 'Month-End Update' of outstanding balances on their CRMS records — CRMS 400D. 

The above referenced circular on Notice Of Commencement Of Compliance Status Checks gives banks up to the 8th day after each month end to update the outstanding balance of each live CRMS record. 

Consistent with this circular, the CRMS 400D is to ensure the update of outstanding balances of ALL live CRMS records consistently aligns with total value of loans and advances reported in the monthly FiNA returns. Therefore, attempts to submit the CRMS 400D after this deadline and/or for a month end other than the immediate preceding month will be unsuccessful. 

All banks are by this notice advised to download via the CRMS Help Module the updated Offline Validator, updated Schema and Templates zip files (which includes CRMS 400D template) for subsequent updates of their CRMS records, please.

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