One-day Conference on ‘Nigeria’s Economic Outlook’ by Dr. Teriba to hold on Sept 28


Tuesday, August 29, 2017 1:00PM / Economic Associates

Economic Associates (EA) will host a one-day quarterly conference on Nigeria’s Economic Outlook on Thursday, 28 September 2017 at Radisson Blu Hotel & Anchorage, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Participants will discuss EA’s Insights on the four sub-themes of the conference with decision makers from a wide variety of sectors, Federal and State ministries, departments and agencies, and diplomatic/donor communities.

▪  Global Outlook- For how much longer is the global commodity supply glut likely to continue to depress commodity prices and earnings from exports? For how much longer is the global liquidity glut resulting from liquidity injections by leading central banks likely to continue to provide opportunities to attract foreign investment inflows that could help developing countries make up for lost export earnings?

Domestic Outlook-
(i.)       What are the likely paths of cyclical variables like money, bonds, equity, foreign reserves, GDP growth, sectoral growth, government revenue, government spending, inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates?

(ii.)       What are the likely structural shifts in the contributions of supply-side activities like agriculture, industry and services to GDP, and the contributions of demand-side aggregates like consumption, investment and government spending to GDP?

(iii.)      What are the likely changes in states’ sectoral or fiscal profiles, given growing concerns about the implications of states’ economic and revenue weaknesses for the national outlook.  

Policy Outlook- How would the latest economic policy developments shape the outlook?  

Overall Outlook- What is likely to dominate the outlook: global forces, cyclical swings/structural shifts, policies?  

8.30-9.00      Arrival Tea/Coffee and Registration

9.00-9.30      Overview

9.30-10.45     Session 1: Global Outlook
·         Twin-Gluts: Lingering Global Commodities and Liquidity Gluts

·         National Impact-Points: Liquidity, Growth and Stability- Nigeria vs. Other Countries

·         Responding to the Gluts: Trade vs. Capital Flows

10.45-11.15     Tea/Coffee Break

11.15-13.00    Session 2: Domestic Outlook

·         Outlook of Cyclical Shocks

- Liquidity: Money, Bonds, Equity, and Foreign Reserves

- Growth: Overall and Sectoral

- Stability: Inflation, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rate

·     Outlook of Structural Shifts

- Economic Activities: Production and Spending Shifts

- Budget: Revenue and Expenditure Realities- Federation, Federal, States, and LGs

- States: Sectoral and Fiscal Structures

13.00-14.00   Lunch

14.00-15.15    Session 3: Policy Outlook

·         Fiscal, Monetary, and Investment Policies

·         Shock/Shift Responsiveness

·         Optimal Policy Lags

15.15-15.45 Break

15.45-17.00 Session 4: Overall Outlook

Please note that this event is by prior reservation only; and all reservations are subject to confirmation by EA. Please visit to complete the online reservation form.  

For more information, please call Omotola on 0703 3442370, 0809 071 3133, or e-mail

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