Why Invest in TSL REIT

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Thursday, February 9, 2017 3:40pm / Top Services Limited

The Top Services Limited Real Estate Investment Trust (TSL REIT) which is currently open for subscription is an investment opportunity one should consider especially as investors seek avenues to diversify their investment and make good use of their funds beyond investing in the equities market.

Compelling reasons why you should take advantage of this investment include:
1.       It offers a stable and regular income distribution from diversified portfolio of Real Estate and Real Estate related assets;
2.      The TSL REIT gives Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) access to Retail Related Real Estate in a tradeable vehicle (Usually only available via PE Funds)
3.      Existing long term leases with tenants;
4.      Diverse corporate tenant profile with staggered rental renewal periods
5.      Attractive valuation of a portfolio functional well located malls
6.      Deposit of pre- executed agreements (Deed of Assignments, Deed of Declaration of Trust - DOT) with the Custodian by the Sponsor, prior to the offer;
7.      Reduced transfer costs of the assets due to the DOT structure being adopted for the transfer of the assets being acquired;
8.     The REIT allows for diversification of an investment portfolio thereby reducing risks;
9.      The REIT will be professionally and actively managed to maximize income and value
10.  The TSL REIT employs a “best of breed” governance system
11.   The REIT is transparently structured and backed by reputable organizations

For more details, kindly visit www.first-ally.com  or send an email to info@first-ally.com or assetmanagement@first-ally.com

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