Afrinvest Plutus Fund Opens for Subscription


Wednesday, November 22, 2017 05:45PM /Afrinvest

I am pleased to introduce you to Afrinvest Plutus Fund (“Plutus”), our newly minted investment product. Plutus is an open ended, money market fund that seeks to achieve competitive returns for all classes of investors who value liquidity and security of their financial assets. It is also an A+ rated Fund that invests in low-risk securities, including short-term government securities, certificates of deposits and commercial papers. 

The Fund opened on Monday, 20 November 2017 with an Offer for Subscription of 10,000,000 units at N100 per unit. A minimum subscription of 50 units equivalent to N5,000 is required with increments in multiples of 50 units. The offer will close on Monday, 18 December 2017.

The features of the Fund are as follows:
1. Capital Preservation;

2. Higher interest yield;

3. Transparency;

4. Quarterly income distribution;

5. Oversight from multiple independent parties, including: 

Registrar –
To keep record of the names, unit holdings and signatures of all investors.

Custodian Bank –
To hold funds or assets on behalf of the investors whose name appear on the register as a fiduciary nominee.

– To monitor the activities of the Fund Manager and Custodian on behalf of and in the interest of the investor. 

Plutus offers a unique investment platform for all categories of investors and offers an efficient alternative to investing solely in traditional cash deposits.

Please send an email to should you require clarification or to return completed forms.

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