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Latest information on upcoming Dangote Flour Offer for Sale


July 13, 2007/



* Company valued at N75bn or $590m.  

 * Price per share is N15.

 * Number of shares to be sold: 1.25bn of 5bn i.e. 25% of the company will be sold.

* Offer date likely to be end of July i.e. within the next 2 weeks.

* Offer duration will only be 10 days.

* Firm underwriting by 11 issuing house (each house will underwrite N6.82 bn of the offer) – FCMB is the lead issuing house.



* No preferential allotment – though the issuer has requested a proviso for business associates.



* NSE quotation committee meeting will hold on the 17th of July and issuing houses are currently responding to some observations by SEC, these are the last regulatory hurdle that must be cleared prior to the offer.  

* Prospectus will be available as soon as the offer opens.


For further details, contact:





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