Invitation for a Class Action against the Management of Lekki Gardens Estate


Monday, March 21, 2016 2.42PM / Public Info

Our attention has been drawn to the order of the Lagos State Government asking residents in all buildings constructed by the owners and management of Lekki Gardens Estate, following the recent catastrophic collapse of one of their buildings, to vacate their residence pending the conclusion of an integrity test to be carried out on the buildings to ascertain their structural integrity.

This is a call for concerted efforts.

Virtually all investors in Lekki Gardens Estate, at various times, expressed concern and reservations about the structural integrity and shoddy workmanship of the buildings, particularly when two additional floors were surreptitiously added to what had been represented, offered and sold to investors as a 3-storey residential apartments.

The attention of the developers as well as management of the Estate was called to it on several occasions, but they represented that everything was in order and that they had sought and obtained from the Lagos State Government the necessary regulatory building approvals.

The colossal loss of lives, as well as property and investment, could have been averted if the management of Lekki Gardens Estate had indeed taken action as pleaded by various investors.

Following the building collapse at the Lekki Gardens Estate construction site on Tuesday, March 8 2016, it is now crystal clear that investors’ fears were well grounded and that there was non-compliance with standard building procedures, construction was done with poor quality building materials and that there was reckless disregard for safety, which resulted in the death of over 34 hapless souls.

Consequently, the Lagos State Government has now sealed off the buildings and construction sites.

It has therefore become imperative for all of us to take drastic steps in order to protect our investments. It is essential that judicial intervention be immediately sought to protect the investments of investors.

The urgent need to take action is buttressed by the frantic efforts of the management of Lekki Gardens Estate to dissipate its movable assets such as cash, stocks and bonds as a result of the unfortunate event.

This invitation is to all investors interested in seeking urgent judicial reprieve in recovering their investments.

Such interested investors should contact the undersigned within 48 hours of this publication (Sunday March 20, 2016) for the institution of a class action
Thank you.





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