5 Amazing Reasons you should Invest in Lekki


Tuesday, 10 July, 2018/ 2.00pm/Propertypro

Lekki is a naturally formed peninsula, hence, provides a serene environment due its proximity to water. Lekki is a vibrant landmass due to the proper urban planning targeted at the environment by the Lagos State Government. Overtime, Lekki has become a major commercial hub, residential area and tourist attraction centre in Lagos, thus making Lekki the hottest demand in relation to real estate. 

Lekki is famous for its luxury real estate and definitely some of the beautiful beaches in Lagos. Living in Lekki has become the dream for many Nigerians despite the challenges that come with life in Lekki.

Below are reasons to invest in Lekki, Lagos state:

  • Location: The value of a property is highly influenced by its location. Owning a land at Lekki Phase 1 for example, is tantamount to bagging a goldmine as its the new rave in the city of Eko- Lagos. Owning a land on the Island connotes a certain sense of luxury as the purchase value is often very high which is great news for any savvy investor. You are sure to get your money back weighed in gold. 
  • Security of Investment: Land itself is a fixed asset, you have the security as an investor that your money will not disappear unlike some other investment options that are quite risky. With the recent hiccups suffered by the Nigerian economy, putting your hard earned money in a secure venture like buying a land at Lekki is a smart move. 
  • Appreciating Value of Land: The good news is that land appreciates especially in Lagos. The migration of the creme de la creme to Lagos Island has further tripled the value of land, hence, creating a competitive market for land in areas like Lekki. Investing in a venture with a pool of demand puts the money in your bag. 
  • Other environmental factors: Property at Lekki offers you as an investor the opportunity to literally fold your hands and still get your money. This is possible because Lekki been in a strategic location on the Lagos Island is always experiencing new development. Development in terms of new infrastructure, roads, social amenities and many more. These developments indirectly affects the value of your land positively which means more returns on your investment. 
  • Fast returns on sale: There is nothing more stressful for an investor than to have your hard earned money tied up in a business venture for years. A good reason to buy a land in Lekki is that there are demands for your investment, hence, your money does not get tied down over a long period of time. With fast returns on the sale of your land you can reinvest and continue to make more money.

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