Proshare migrates its Economy & Politics website to Proshare Economy on the new Hub


Friday, September 30, 2016 8:39 AM / Proshare

The Nigerian economy in recent times has been at the fore front of discussions by both businesses and individuals alike. Now more than ever, individuals are more concerned about the policies, reforms, strategies and decisions made by the Buhari administration towards reengineering the nation and how it would affect them. In addition, businesses just like individuals are seeking alternative means to thrive within the economy which is now officially in recession.

As discussions around the polity continue, with all hands on deck especially by the Economic team to see the country out of recession, Proshare Nigeria Limited is delighted to launch her Proshare Economy segment of the Proshare 10.0 Ecosystem.

Recall that on February 29, 2016, Proshare launched a more robust hub – Proshare 10.0 with the aim of consolidating her subsidiaries into a single hub. The launch of Proshare Economy is thus a continuation of this consolidation process; as our Economy & Politics website is now fused into Proshare 10.0 as PROSHARE ECONOMY.

Proshare Economy would focus on providing the Nigerian community with news, reports, reviews, data and analysis on economic and political activities in Nigeria, that would help facilitate fact based and data backed engagement. In addition, the website provides an avenue to watch recent videos via an Economy & Politics Channel powered by Proshare WebTV.

Having remained Nigeria’s premier economic and financial information hub for over a decade, Proshare’s strength lies in its professional expertise, integrated approach, dedication to fact-based interventions, commitment to subscriber/user engagements and continuous support from our esteemed partners.

Visit our Proshare Economy Segment here and let’s know your views.

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