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Wednesday, September 24, 2014 4.50 AM / TheAnalyst

Proshare has been ramping up its online capital market news, research, and data service efforts of late, culminating in the launch of #TheAnalyst in August 2013, with a growing list of active corporate and retail subscribers.

Whilst TheAnalyst benefitted from the experience of the team members that moved over from Proshare, a large part of its success has been due to the dedication and professionalism of the expanded team who continue to look for ways of achieving integrated services across the information value chain, including paying for proprietary use of data, tools and platforms that provide the critical enabler for investment decision making.

Now, Proshare has launched its Analyst 2.0 Live site for subscribers, put together to help make content more discoverable, flexible and customizable.

TheAnalyst 2.0 is the first ever customisable financial website in Nigeria.  


Distinct BENEFITS 

The new site is equipped to disseminate real time Live Feeds from the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) with flexible features that allows you customise your home page to meet your preferences. It is much more user friendly and flexible with easy navigation.

The flexibility allows users of the platform customise the home page by creating a personal dashboard known as My Market Place with your own preferred widgets. The widgets are in categories and users of #TheAnalyst can select their favourite(s) and create their own home page rather than the default Homepage.

The Live Feeds from the NSE which #TheAnalyst would disseminate have been developed to make real time data accessible to the investing community especially the retail investors – thus creating a better, affordable and enabling alternative for people who don't have access to any trading software/application to view live action of the markets.

TheAnalyst platform would thus feature the following on a real time basis:

  Bid & Offer Prices/Quantity of all Quoted Companies in their dedicated company's page(s);  

  Real-time stock quotes, customized intra-day and historical stock charts with many useful technical indicators;

     Real Time Gainers / Losers list of stocks with increased / decreased most (in percent) in current trading session. This list will provide you the current market price of the stocks, change in their prices (in percent);  

    Top 10 Turnover - a list of stocks which have performed in the current market session with high Traded Value & Volumes thus giving you a list of most active stocks in a particular Index / Market. This list gives you Current Market Price of the stocks, High & Low price levels for current market session, % Change in the price as compared to previous close, Traded Value and Traded Volume in that stock for the current market session.

    Scrolling Tickers of all stocks all based on the Live Prices; and

*      We have updated our cookie mechanism and therefore all users who had not clicked on the ‘Remember Me’ option might have to Re-Login again so as to stay Logged On to the Platform.

Meanwhile, #TheAnalyst platform retains its remit to cater for the one-stop shop needs of investors - from the point of news information, research update, data validation all through to trade execution (third party platforms from which investors can avail themselves of their use). This is experience is made possible by the quantum of investment tools, both for Technical and Fundamental Analysis, housed within #TheAnalyst platform.

As the emerging Nigeria unfolds, Proshare remains committed to emerging ideas that would ensure #TheAnalyst portal remains a hub where every Nigerian Investor can subscribe to and deploy to fulfil his or her wealth goals.

Visit TheAnalyst now to see things for yourself!

For further details contact Reshu BAGGA (Mrs.) CEO, TheAnalyst vide



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