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Monday, 19 August 2013 / Proshare


Dear Reader, As a valued subscriber to our information service, we wanted you to be among the first to know about the new and exciting The Analyst website, designed with a unique capability to serve discerning retail investors in the new capital market.


The Analyst is configured as the reference point for a bouquet of investment solutions - a veritable end-to-end value service built around a typical investors’ life-cycle .i.e. from information gathering to trade execution: all done online – either on your laptop, desktop or handheld.


Indeed, this platform offers much more than a bridging service; it has been upgraded with user friendly analytical tools and advanced stocks screening technology all aimed at making your investment decision a more rewarding experience.


We have given The Analyst a peerless notch with access to after-session-data around NSE & major markets and you can comfortably expect a hands-on customer service complement, hardworking tools and easy to understand technical charts all designed to help you better engage the financial markets.


The new portal is a convergence of market news, data, research and precise information all designed to leverage the information provided by the exchange and those obtained in the market to enable you embrace online stock trading without hassles or any information gap(s) usually encountered.


Now you can engage in investing in the Nigerian Capital Market from wherever you are in the world; obtain the education you need - enough to feel enlightened enough to meet your financial plans and goals? As part of the advancement, some of the special value added services may attract premium charges, not the least the APP currently undergoing service and technology test.


To get here, Proshare, in consultation with key stakeholders in the market, embarked on this self funded project to deliver an information portal with an upgraded service approach and new key features. Here are a few:


1.    The News & Features – employs a new approach to promptly deliver Daily Market Updates, Sentiment Analysis, Stock PICKS, Investors Newsbeat, Corporate Earnings, Capital Markets, Offers and Rights, Analysis & Opinion, Bond Update & Outlook, breaking news and intelligent review of the economy, the regulatory environment, and much more based on global best practice in reporting and sharing information using multiple platforms. You should make this service a constant companion;


2.    The Market Data -   your investment decision making process just got easier with our robust and accessible data base on currency, commodity, bonds, equities, ETFs, Funds and REIT’s from the Nigerian market, African market and Global markets. This makes this new version unique;


3.    The Investments – The investment section provides updated and insightful information on the classes of investment options (Bonds, ETFs, REITs and Equities), simply designed to aid and pilot you through the market inevitable(s);


4.    The Investor Relations – this warehouse of information is a first ever offered in the Nigerian market as it provides a free but wholesome market and investment information on every quoted firm listed on the Nigerian bourse, including entities in its ASEM market. The portal provides access to basic management information, fundamental and technical data, charts, analysis, investment ratios, trends and possible sentiments towards the firm. The page is loaded with equity reports from credible fund managers, up-to-date Bonus & Dividend history, and a relevant Share Support Service to help you resolve seemingly intractable problems with service providers.


5.    The Investors Tools – For the first time ever, a dedicated service is provided to help you become better at investing in the market. This service would empower you to review, access and conduct independent analysis of equities and put you in control of your portfolio. Most importantly, you can improve your individual research and analysis with instant updates on market actions, stock recommendations (using the dedicated recommendation tracker), valuation statistics, result screener, technical analysis peer comparison, performance comparison and share insights and thoughts on the discussion forum. These tools would sharpen your trades execution for better returns 


6.    The Trade Execution – Having read the news, heard the rumour and analysed the information, you can now buy and sell online using approved brokers with the capability and capacity to keep you on top of all that happens to your stock, bond or fund. Being an informed investor just got more beneficial with this service, complemented with tools and a support service.


In our view, TheANALYST affirms that the financial economic landscape has been altered permanently along value lines and consequently information context! Intelligent information in the Nigerian market place will no longer be determined by news media cycles for the discerning, but through short, data-backed and context relevant alerts and news updates.


According to the CEO of Proshare, Olufemi Awoyemi - “In today's competitive market and fragile economy, the game has completely changed as the market is speedily moving beyond the noise, actively instituting structures for an engagement that would deliver a nexus between the economy and the exchange. In this paradigm shift, stakeholders must learn to harness the potentials of technology, renewed skill sets amongst professionals, a purpose-led exchange and regulator to expand the horizon of what is possible. At Proshare, we recognised early on what these changes meant and after two years is able to berth the first in a series of interventions that should help develop a consumer-centric market based on the new ethos of best practice. Today, we are happy to share with you our commitment to piloting investors through the hassle(s) of making quality investment decision(s) from information to decision aided by a credible trade execution platform; in a seamless process.”


Take a tour now, click here.

Advisory: Please contact the executives below for further information and other requests

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Chief Operating Officer

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Executive Director, Business & Markets

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Editor, News & Investigations

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