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Why Not Outsource Your Corporate Research Function to Gain Competitive Advantage?



Friday, February 03, 2012 2:06 PM
Outsourcing of knowledge-intensive work is increasing at an astonishing rate. Moreover, outsourcing R&D functions even occurs when organizations realize that this is their core competency, i.e. the key differentiator between them and their competitors. 
The rationale is quite simple – an organization had better seek out and form alliances with companies that have mature processes in place, even in the areas of its core competencies, if it is to take advantage of the added value of mature practices. 
There is no good entrepreneur that would allow a dysfunctional research and intelligence unit that does not open up new market opportunities and or at worst enhances its reputation and visibility to stay and upwardly pressure its costs of doing business. 
It is my submission that in uncertain times like this, that businesses must force its research and intelligence units to authentically lead it to prosperity through the discovery of new business opportunities. Where such is not possible, such units should be shut down and its activities be transferred to an external provider of such service. Paper is attached! 

Martin Oluba N., Ph.D, DBA is the Founder/Chief Possibility Officer of ValueFronteira Limited, 4th Floor (Rear Wing), 42 Olowu Street Ikeja Lagos – Nigeria , Tel: +234-(1)9504781, 9504782,   Mobile : 234-8033148722, Email: He is also a Professor of Economics & Finance, SMC University, Switzerland, Professor of Economics, Monarch Business School, - Professor of International Administration and Global Economics, EUCLID (Euclid Intergovernmental University Framework)
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