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Value Chain Analysis: Smart Platform for Robust Business Strategy Design


Tuesday, February 07, 2012 8:40 PM


One of the biggest blunders in business planning and competitive strategy design is not to situate same on robust value chain research.

Corporate decision makers and their consultants shun this extraordinarily invaluable platform upon which winning businesses strategies are designed primarily because of the analytical rigour involved.

But by going ahead without it or just using a hastily conducted traditional industry analysis, the concerned firm is made to suffer the consequences of sub-optimal strategy with the implications of sub-optimal competitive advantages.

Value chain analysis offers three major streams of value for that a forward-looking firm cannot afford to ignore in its strategy design:

(a) robust end market analysis,

(b) chain analysis and

(c) competitiveness analysis.

In this essay, I tried to demonstrate that firms should consider a well-conducted value chain research before embarking on any business strategy design. 


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Martin Oluba N., Ph.D, DBA is the Founder/Chief Possibility Officer of ValueFronteira Limited, 4th Floor (Rear Wing), 42 Olowu Street Ikeja Lagos – Nigeria , Tel: +234-(1)9504781, 9504782,   Mobile : 234-8033148722, Email: . He is also a Professor of Economics & Finance, SMC University, Switzerland, Professor of Economics, Monarch Business School, - Professor of International Administration and Global Economics, EUCLID (Euclid Intergovernmental University Framework)



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