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Friday, April 01, 2016 07:00am / MeriFX

Since February, U.S crude oil (WTI) prices have risen from USD26 per barrel to USD40 per barrel. This has been due to talks between oil producing countries (including Russia & OPEC countries) regarding possible freezing of production.

A trader on MERI FX who foresaw this rally in price could have profited from the price movements by taking a buy position on the US crude oil futures contract (which gives the trader exposure to the asset) before prices started rising, and selling the contract later at a higher price.

Anyone with an interest to trade global financial assets can do so easily through MERI FX by:
·         Registering for a live trading account via
·         Uploading/Sending KYC documents to the MERI FX
support team
·         Making an initial deposit of NGN 50,00
0into their own trading account

Once these steps are completed, the MERI FX trading account becomes active for its holder to trade foreign financial assets using our domestic currency - Naira.

To trade profitably, information is the most essential tool. MERI FX provides up-to-speed market price data, interactive charts, and technical analysis tools for all products, along with a trading ticket that allows clients place instantaneous trades or orders into the market.

For an experience of MERI FX,
click hereto open a free demo account.
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