TheAnalyst to Launch Real-Time Stock Quotes for Retail Investors



Monday, July 14, 2014 6.30 AM / TheANALYST

TheANALYST, Proshare’s dedicated data, research, analysis, and tools website is very excited to announce that real-time data/quotes on Nigerian Capital Market Securities will now be available for its subscribers, having complied with the NSE data usage requirement(s) to ensure it operates the service under proper governance and best practice principles. 

Thus,  TheAnalyst will by the end of this month, July 2014; launch its NSE Live Prices Portal.

This is an important (and way overdue) development for everyone who consumes financial information, especially in the retail end of the market. Historically, real-time stock data on Nigerian Market was not widely accessible.

Sequel to the June 09, 2014 launch of TheAnalyst as a subscription based data , analysis and news platform, it has become expedient to fulfill our bid of delivering to you the portal that disseminates Live Feeds from the NSE, with

·         Bid & Offer Prices/Quantity of all Quoted Companies in their dedicated company's page(s);  

·   Real-time stock quotes, customized intra-day and historical stock charts with many useful technical indicators;

·        Real Time Gainers / Losers list of stocks with increased / decreased most (in percent) in current trading session. This list will provide you the current market price of the stocks, change in their prices (in percent);  

·       Top 10 Turnover - a list of stocks which have performed in the current market session with high Traded Value & Volumes thus giving you a list of most active stocks in a particular Index / Market. This list gives you Current Market Price of the stocks, High & Low price levels for current market session, % Change in the price as compared to previous close, Traded Value and Traded Volume in that stock for the current market session; and

·         Scrolling Tickers of all stocks all based on the Live Prices.

Additionally, there are other unique features that give Nigerian investors a newer, richer experience – such as timely sentiment analysis reports, daily investors’ newsbeat that track and reveal true market sentiments towards individual stock(s); equity market reports, market directory, economic indicators, recommended picks, investment tools including Technical tools and updates from leading fund managers not easily assessable to all, specialized reports on topical stocks, breaking news and inside scoop on the non-reported issues/developments/happenings in the capital market.

Subscribe to TheAnalyst before July 21, 2014 with the sum of $100 or N16,000 per annum!.

Providing real-time stock quotes is consistent with our mission, and we'll continue to work hard to offer tools, features and more real-time data so investors can make informed and timely financial decisions. 

Yours to Serve, 

For: Proshare Nigeria Limited  

Reshu BAGGA (Mrs.)   



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