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Monday, November 19, 2018 10:05 AM / InvestData


The Investors and Traders summit, tagged Invest 2019 is here. There is need for you to take the opportunity because available information and activities in the market reveal that smart money will likely take position earlier than anticipated. Precisely, before or after the elections, which begin in February, considering the facts that most stocks on the exchange have become seriously undervalued, just as other emerging markets. 

However, there are 2 things you must do if you really want to get the best of the market. 

1. Identify and position in right stocks before the smart money shows up.

2. Invest in selected best Stocks capable of reducing your risk of losing money. 


The question then becomes: how do you position and invest in the right stocks? You will get answer to this all-important question by attending Invest 2019 Investors and Traders Summit with the theme: Best Returns In 2019 & Beyond: Adopting The Billionaire’s Mentality In Stock Selection. 

However, I want to make the decision easy for you by providing you with the details of, and precisely what makes this year’s edition of this annual event completely different from previous years’. 

Click on the link to register and get started. 

The 2019 InvestData Summit is one of the biggest assemblage of experts to avail you the right methodology and principle you can adopt to get the best out of the 2019. 

However, you cannot do this by mere wishful thinking. That is why Investdata Consulting has gathered six very outstanding experts managing combined portfolio worth billions of naira in assets who would handle various topics that will transform your thinking and stock market world view.


These topics include:

  •  Pre-election year performance Review and post-election Investing opportunities
  •  Simple Strategies for picking undervalued stocks With Fundamental & Technical Tools
  •  Psychology of Equities Trading For Managing Positions & Money


Click on the link for full details. 

That aside, the society today is a sum total of different households, each of which are independent on a personal level. Ironically, none of these household can survive without the other, because you cannot produce every your needs all by yourself. Hence, the interdependent relationship as designed by nature. 

Similarly, if you are a serious investor, you need to constantly communicate with other investors, since no investor is an island onto itself. That is, you cannot know all in the stock market on your own.  

That is another reason you should join the community of investors ready to take the bull by horn in 2019 without hesitation, without saying I will register soon, without procrastinating, without place self imposed limitations on yourself. Like the acclaimed kit maker NIKE will say: "Just do it”. 

For life is about decision making. Your current position is as a result of your past decisions. Your future actions will equally be the fallout of the decisions you take today. Make the decision Now. Click on the link to Register and get started 


Happy 2019 Summit 

Ambrose Omordion 


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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