Skye Bank Upgrades Internet Banking Services


March 22, 2012

As the new ‘cash-lite’ economy takes off which de-emphasises cash based transactions, and promotes electronic and web based banking, Skye Bank Plc  has  launched its new and improved internet banking platform. 

According to a statement issued by the bank, the new internet banking platform has been developed to address the end-to-end payment needs of its different customer segments.

The statement quotes the bank’s Head of Information Technology, Mr. Richard Amanfoye, as saying that the new internet banking platform would enable the bank  offer its customers a quick, easy to use and robust platform to perform a number of their banking transactions that before now required physical visit or instructions to the bank to effect those transactions.

Amanfoye said the new platform offers a wide range of services and it can be customised to meet the individual needs of our customers.

According to him,  Skye Multi-Pay, one of the new internet banking offerings,  is an online, real time multi account, multi bank payment system that can be used for processing payments like salaries and wages, remittances, contractor payments, among others.

Some of the other features and functions of the new platform are quick transfers-transfers between linked accounts, third party payments-inter and intra bank, chedule payments (one time or recurring), and multiple authorization levels.

On security, Amanfoye  said the bank’s online banking customers are now protected by innovative Adaptive Authentication systems for online security.

He listed the full range of the internet banking platform’s security features to include three layer verification - password, secret questions and passcode,  use of mouse-only PIN PAD  for the passcode, extended validation digital certificate to add trust and establish the legal identity of the bank’s online presence and lock out and suspect’s report generation.

It will be recalled that Skye Bank  recently deployed Point of Sale terminals with dual sims that ensures 24 hours uninterrupted operations in its merchant locations.

The dual sim PoS terminals have been deployed to merchants, hospitals, hotels, and retail outlets to facilitate payment for goods purchased and services rendered. The advantage of this new PoS over the others is that if one sim is down, the other sim would power the terminal and ensure continuous operation on a daily basis.

For enquiries, feedback or information on our products and services, Please call the Skye Bank YES Center now on any of the following lines- 0700-Skyebank (0700 75932265), 0806 988 0000, 01-4482 100

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