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Proshare Launches yet another Engaging Mobile Service.


Lagos, January 30, 2012— Proshare, Nigeria’s Leading Financial Analyst and Information services firm has announced the debut of its new Mobile News Alert service.

The excellent delivery of this service is hinged on the technology deployed with and through a strategic partnership with Genie Communications and Airtel mobile telecommunications Network.

This application will send out two (2) types of financial information to its discerning subscribers on a daily basis via SMS - Market News and Investor News.

The information provided is not restricted to the equities market and will cover Bond Market updates (a service based on a further collaboration with a leading Bond Manager); Operating Environment news from the community of analysts; Money market news from a partnership with a leading asset management firm and pensions and retirement planning updates.

The service feathers the hat of Proshare as an organisation as it is orchestrated to add value to its streams of services rendered to the investment community at no charge since inception.

In a statement made by the Chief Operating Officer of Proshare, Mrs. Reshu BAGGA, she affirms that, ‘Information dissemination confidence and trust has to grow to a point where investors need not search for information anymore but have it delivered straight to them through a credible, timely, reliable and technologically compliant platform’.

The debut of the service would begin on Wednesday, 1st of February 2012 with a test service/operation over a two weeks period. 

At this time, the service would be available to ONLY Airtel subscribers as we work on integrating GLO and MTN subscribers shortly.

Airtel Subscribers can subscribe to this service by simply sending as an SMS, ‘INVESTOR’ to 38296 or ‘MARKET’ to 38296 at a monthly charge of N100 only - where Investor and Market represents news categories respectively.

The service gap propelling this innovation is as an understanding of the changed market and the attitude of investors towards information management.

Proshare as a curator and advocate of “intelligent investing” sees this service as another opportunity to bridge the critical gap between the uninformed and informed minds about market and investor-beneficial updates.

Franklyn OKOTIE
Business Development & Public Affairs Manager
00 (234) 706 554 0871

Media Advisory: Please contact the executives below for further information and other requests


Reshu BAGGA (Mrs.)
Chief Operating Officer
00 (234) 807 785 1157

Alero AWOYEMI (Mrs.)
Executive Director, Business & Markets
00 (234) 803 047 3827


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