Proshare 7.0 - Now Analysts and Investors are at Par



January 30, 2015 10:00 A.M / Proshare Management

It is with great delight that we wish to announce to you our readers and subscribers that the Proshare Website would be getting a makeover coupled with increased flexibility and avenues for engagement on February 2, 2015.

Now that we have data backed by verifiable information and execution platforms, thereby changing the dynamics of engagement within the Capital Market, where Investors and Analysts alike have access to the right information to make intelligent decisions; Proshare known for its innovation and use of technology to enhance its market support activities, hereby launches Proshare 7.0.

Having remained dedicated in the delivery of credible information without missing a day, this version of our website is hinged on global tech standards in order to enhance easy navigation and access to the websites by users of our platform, in order to boost the change dynamics witnessed within the market; one of which is the frequent launch of online trading platforms by Capital Market Operators.

According to Reshu BAGGA, COO/Technical Director of Proshare, most of the website content remain as is although now flexible and easy to navigate. However, additional resources such as Infographics, SME Features and avenues to make enquiries with ease and send us articles for publication have been included on the Proshare Site.

It is also worthy of note to state that Proshare remains the driver of TheAnalyst, WebTV, Economy & Politics, Personal Finance, Newsstand, The Regulator platforms all dedicated to supporting the Capital market by educating, enlightening and engaging.

While, we continue to boost our efforts to offer value and remain number one on your information value chain, we acknowledge and appreciate your support and cooperation. For further engagement with our team you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus

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