Proshare 6.0 – Planned Changes to Proshare Service & Subscriber Access


Tuesday, April 02, 2013 / Management

Proshare users and subscribers – your site is getting a makeover and a new user experience.


While the changes involved will centre around the use of, access to and mining of data from the stock exchange; key changes will centre around the user experience, news feed and alert service. Most important however will be the provision of the ‘missing link(s)’ observed for investors to engage the new market, especially for financial journalists, analysts, and the retail investors.


The changes will be unveiled before the end of Q2 2013 and will be the sixth (6.0) version of the service we launched in 2006; without missing a single day of operation due to the dedication and commitment of the workforce.


Without doubt, we have had to fast track our release date in other to ensure that the data and information services offered by the company is consistent with best practice, regulation and proprietary rights over data.

The new website will have a dedicated page for key service areas such as The Regulator, Economy & Politics, live coverage on WebTV, partnership-based platforms, Investor Relations Platform, and The Analyst service which will provide a unique experience for day traders, researchers and the general public.

The all-new proshare website will be keeping with the tradition of the firm by ensuring that the services available can take care of the needs and requirements of the new market desired today and as anticipated.


We will need your support though in ensuring that the transition is effortless and for starters will be sending out e-mail alerts to existing subscribers to update their details online – especially to fill in the new categories/fields in the subscribers form.


This new customer database will run on a user friendly platform that allows you to select what type of information you want and how often you get it; helping you to decide which of the paid-for service you will require.


This and much more will be shared with you over the next few weeks as we start the testing phase.


We would not make any major change without letting you know and the feedback from your survey responses have been the core of the changes that will be made.


One thing that will not change is the ability for retail investors to access the information they need to make intelligent investment decisions and be informed of developments in the market place.


We continue to count on your encouragement and support.


Thank you.


‘Reshu BAGGA (Mrs.)

Chief Operating Officer / Director

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