On This 13th Year of Proshare's Founding - A Message from The Founder


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Being the personal note sent to the board, management and staff of Proshare and associated entities at 08:07AM today by the founder of Proshare Nigeria Limited, Olufemi Awoyemi, FCA, FCTI, FIoD; on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the company after he was reminded of same via a question by a staff. We are publishing same in part fulfilment of our reason for being - everything is evidence...


Dear Partners & Colleagues,


In thirteen (13) years of running Proshare, I have learnt to answer the question "What is the use of waking up so early to gather data, analyze and publish same by evening only to do that again without a business model?"


My answer today offers clarity:


There is no point really to it, except for the fact that I needed to find work and use my life lessons to do some good, and maybe we may learn a little about the broken bridges between markets and investors, use our limited knowledge to challenge the system to work better for all, use our own service to show that corporate governance is hard but beneficial in the long run, and help put economic, financial and business data (from audio visual to print) in a central place for the benefit of all.


It is possible that our work helps to democratize financial information and promote financial intelligence including new products and players. It is also possible we may help the educational sector by making the platform an aide memoire and outlet for thoughts that lead to change.


Outside that, we dare to dream and build a sustainable story we can tell our kids of an enlightened response at the start of the information age in our dear country - we were there daily to help lay the foundation.


It is a hard pitch to make to most but it is no more difficult than the story of life itself...of highs and lows, of a challenge and struggle, of conflicts and contradictions, of morals and personal failings, of moving beyond survival into purpose, of resilience and of imagination - it is a story of the infinite possibilities of the human mind, not of bottom lines and status symbols.


We gave birth to a child that shows great promise at 13; and we must now help it prepare for adulthood - learning to take ownership and responsibility, for 'one does not start learning the art of climbing a tree on top of it'.


We understand that the business model virtually writes itself as we forge on, oblivious of our natural handicaps with capital, resources and profits - for embedding the company at the core of society's interactions premised on credible, reliable and timely interventions; is all about enlightened self-interest.


The convergence that will open up the ecosystem are falling into place all across sectors in the country for the trained eyes; and we will be there to take that story forward.


Tomorrow will take care of itself and we should not fear the worst, if we use our today to serve others - help them achieve clarity, find that information they seek and need, engage those who violate the market trust, and help those who make rules know what progress looks like.


That is why we wake up early full of energy and go to bed, empty and wishing we could do more; knowing tomorrow is going to be a better day for others, like those who came before us did; this is our own stand!


This journey is only for a particular kind and no matter where you are in the ladder of life, it will reveal a lot about you, much more about what you value - both as a provider and a user.


On this journey, the co-travelers and partners are the most prized possessions one could ask for; and at each moment of the cycle of growth; progress was possible because your values came forth, steadied the resolve and used it to help us gain momentum.


This significance of attaining the age of thirteen (13) years is embedded in its natural laws of adaptability to change - it signposts an upheaval so that a new ground can be broken.


The new journey starts with doing away with the old and relaying a new ground - from a new office environment to how we work, attitude, tools, technology and engagements across board.


It is not merely a transformation but a reformation that reestablishes a different mindset for a different marketplace - data analytics, digital engagements (media, products and customer interface), new Proshare website, new levels of management & governance, new territories and partners and new conversations with the market.


You have seen aspects of this - but by the 2nd week of January 2020, it will be clearly understood.


Happy Anniversary, and thank you!

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.



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 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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