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Wednesday, July 02, 2014 8.12 PM / The Nigerian Investor,


MorganCapital Securities Limited, a member of MorganCapital Group, has announced the launch of its online, real-time trading and analytics platform to the Nigerian investment community.


The new platform officially known as MorganCapital iTrade gives both potential and existing customers the privilege to have straight through contact with the Nigerian Stock Exchange via the ability to execute buy and sell mandates, real-time and anywhere on the iTrade platform without any human interference.


The call it the investment market DIY toolkit that rewards you for taking ownership for the investing process through an all-market; all-in cost in; and astounding brokerage fee of just 0.25%.

Speaking to our research analyst, the Managing Director/Chief Executive of MorganCapital, Mr Ayoleke Adu laid emphasis on two key value points – the i-trade was real time and the most affordable in the market.


During a length demonstration, he highlighted the key features which he believes offers MorganCapital iTrade platform from others at this time. He emphasized the need for retail investors to be so rewarded for embracing the new platform and for ‘doing-it themselves through a reduction in the brokerage fee charged from 1.35% to 0.25%.



The newly introduced iTrade platform has certain advantages and they include;

         Eradication of delay in mandate execution by the broker;


         Efficiency in terms of technology deployed;

         Timely execution of trades;

  The availability of market data and analytics on the platform through collaborative partnerships;

     Elimination of any human interference by any dealing clerk who may take a risk against investor(s) interest, except for service issues;

         Opportunity to view and experience the market real-time; and

         Ability to eliminate all loopholes, itinerant brokers could use to make super-normal profits.


With the introduction of platforms like iTrade in the Nigerian Market, it appears that the retail investment marketspace is getting set for a no-excuse market.


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