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Wednesday, March 26, 2014 7:15 PM / The Nigerian Investor

After the launch of the meritrade portal and App at the Nigerian Stock Exchange on the 5th of March, 2014. The Nigerian Investor team was able to meet with the Head of Stock broking of Meristem Securities Ltd at their Ikoyi office in person of Mrs Gbadunola Sokunbi and and she shared with us what meritrade is all about and what numerous investors out there stands to enjoy on signing up.

 The meritrade platform has the following features but not limited and also allows willing investors to:

   Fill account opening form online

      Buy and sell share online and real-time

      Set trigger for stop loss as well as gains limits

      Gives investors opportunity to learn the art of investing in the Nigerian Stock Market and;

    You can also access your portfolio and cash statements while cash withdrawals can be done online too.

All these qualities simply tell how convenient and easy the online platform is as investor does not need to visit them physical to process an account for trading to take place.

Also on the series of The Nigerian Investor, we shared the experience of an investor who undertakes a tenure investment plan with Aims Asset management Ltd for a period of five (5) years. The maturity period has elapsed but the affected is yet to get any return on the investment.

Other developments discussed on the programme include the approval of the acquisition of Union Homes Saving and Loans Plc by CBN, the listing of Vetiva Griffin 30 ETF, Upcoming AGMs and Board Meetings, corporate actions, outcome of board meeting, people and changes in board and the launch of the X-Whistle portal by NSE.

The AGM information of the following companies were mentioned in the programme


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