Market Development and New Trading Platforms in NCM June 2014 SSS Report TNI Q3E2


Thursday, July 10, 2014/ The Nigerian Investor,

The June 2014 edition of the Nigerian Capital Market Service Report authored by the Share Support Service Unit, producers of ‘The Nigerian Investor’ a weekly program that runs on has been published.

This latest publication highlights the investor protection efforts of the unit with the investor’s complaints summary updates while a few new trading platforms and innovation were recorded in this June edition.

Platforms like MorganCapital i-Trade debut while Bancorp e-Trade is expected to do an official launch at the Nigerian Stock Exchange on 17th July, 2014. Also WSTC Financial service announced the launch of its "equities-backed" liquidity service which allows clients not to necessarily dispose their valuable assets in order to temporarily meet liquidity needs.

Other updates in the service reports includes listings and de-listings, ASeM market, market compliance in relation to latest Audited and quarterly results, AGMs and Registrars website review.

The Market from the Investors Perspective

In this edition of #TheNigerianInvestor, we conduct our regular market round-up of innovations, activities, developments, AGM’s, market news, corporate actions, company appointments, announcements as well as updates from market regulators.

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Market Development and New Trading Platforms in NCM: June 2014 SSS Report, - TNI Q3/E2

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