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Lagos Govt. appoints AFRIBANK for revenue collection


September 13, 2007



Afribank has again secured the mandate of Lagos State Government to collect its revenue and taxes in all parts of the State under the Lagos State Government Electronic Banking System of Revenue Collection programme. The appointment, which was conveyed to the Bank by the Permanent Secretary & Account General, State Treasury office, Mr. A.D. Ambode, said the Bank has “complied with necessary technical and operational procedure” to be enlisted   for the service.


Afribank has become a frontline financial institution in partnering public sector operators in the implementation of their economic and social development programmes. As a result of its efficiency and track record in the areas of revenue, bills, taxes and sundry fees collections, many state governments such as Delta State, Ogun State, Ondo State, Abia, Cross River, and institutions such as the Nigerian Navy, the Nigerian Army and the Air force have partnered the Bank for banking services in the discharge of their mandates.


The Bank assured individuals and corporate organizations who intend to pay their taxes or revenue to Lagos Sate Government to visit any of its over 250 branches nationwide for the electronic payment with ease.


The Bank added that it had deploy facilities and expertise to enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability of the project. The Bank would drive the project with robust information technology, large branch network, experience and skilled work force with a view to offering convenience, efficiency, prompt response and error free operations.


The Management of Afribank stressed that all its over 250 branches have been mobilized and adequately equipped to render excellent service in the collection of all state revenue. Afribank’s robust IT platform, Globus, has enabled the institution to offer e-banking services such as cash express, international money transfer, e-immigration, mobile banking and private banking. 


Afribank has over the years established itself as a credible institution in the collection of revenue and bills for both private and public institutions. Afribank is in the forefront of collecting revenue custom and excise duties, taxes, rates, Power Holding of Nigeria Company bills, educational taxes and sale of educational forms.




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