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Intelligent Investing in the NCM - Proshare’s Contribution to Market


December 01, 2011 

The question has often been asked as to how can an online service measure its relevance to business and society? This is made relatively easier if such an online platform is dedicated to a cause and a niche group from whence the impact becomes easily measurable.
Ours is one of such and we have attempted here to present our modest contribution to the market in the last five years here below. These contributions remains a landmark, built around guiding market investors with the intelligence they need to complement their decision making and perception of the Nigerian bourse.
The Proshare service offering is now regarded as a credible source for accurate, timely and reliable economic and financial information – providing influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, analysis and advocacy.
The company's strength – complemented by its array of local and international staff members – remains focused on delivering data, news and analysis through its free online service offering without compromising accuracy and details – providing a critical component for determining market confidence in the Nigerian bourse.
Our over 48,000+ subscribers rely on the service to function as a bridge between the bourse and its stakeholders; serving as a independent validation of the exchanges activity.
We have been able to earn this unquestionable respect in the industry on the backdrop of personal , professional and practice decisions that often met with serious resistance, doubts as to motives and most challenging, opportunities for building a viable business model.
Since December 1, 2006, we it upon ourselves to embrace the challenges of delivering on a service that will – in time – represent the common denominator of our market engagements – seeking to deliver excellent customer service, best practice analyst services to help move our market towards an integration of both fundamental and technical analysis through our online platforms, a low cost barrier for other entrants to engage through value definition and most importantly, a service that would aggregate sound financial journalism practices with professional service competence.
We believe we have laid the foundation for the emergence of a world class capital market by setting the tone and pace upon which the market will be reported, perceived and engaged.
We humbly provide below a series of our engagement reports in fulfilment of the vision/mission mandate; viz:

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