Corporate Communications and the New Media



February 15, 2010


While we come to terms with using the teleprompter, SM’s and IM’s in corporate communications, the game is fast shifting northwards with Governmental institutions leading the way.


No one better captures this than the US White House who continue to redefine the art of public communications using the new media than anyone else.


For example, one of the most important and watched presentations in the US is the State of the Union address, delivered by the President to Congress every January. This year, the White House stepped up its game by adding enhanced graphics and interactive features on the website. Boring speeches are a thing of the past – the new slogan is ‘by the people, for the people and WITH the people’.


It’s not just happening at the White House. Take a look at how the State of Utah uses presentations to increase awareness of their programs. Its 200+ presentations include information about public health, water quality, and its collaboration with Chile


And the trend continues at the county level. The County of Fairfax, Virginia also encourages the sharing of information via presentations. Their most recent upload, “Sustaining a Culture of Engagement,” presents the county’s approach to issue resolution, customer service, and emergency response. Just like companies in the private sector, these three levels of government are using SlideShare to interact with their constituents as customers.


How can we begin to effect this changes in our corporate our public sector communications?


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