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Monday, February 01, 2016 04:00 PM / Business & Market

Beyond the  currency crisis in the country and the increasing cost of meeting a high quality data and analysis service, our data and analytics services function, like others have had to contend with a myriad of issues in delivering a high quality services for subscribers. To ensure a consistent high quality, and in order to sustain and enhance the quality of the services rendered, the management of Proshare wishes to announce that the Analyst Annual Subscription is now N50,000 per annum (approx. N4,000 per month), effective February 07, 2015.

Accordingly and with regards to ethical customer service ethos, the Managing Director of Proshare, Olufemi Awoyemi, announced this change as a critical shift in its support for the democratization of data and analyst service pricing to ensure that what users/subscribers receive is consistent with the value we promised.

The Analyst service offering,  supported by a network of foreign partners and service providers can and will be supported to deliver on its mandate with this new price regime for a niche market.

Speaking on the price change, Reshu Bagga, CEO, TheAnalyst stated that she is particularly concerned at this change is coming at this time when the equities market is bearish.  She however, recognizes that on the back of a volatile foreign exchange  regime, a declining foreign reserve earning posture that affects all parties and a demanding investment climate, the means to an intelligent decision matrix can only be achieved through a virile service that is above service fluctuations. She further emphasized that all hands are on deck to improve the workings of theAnalyst Platform and ensure that subscribers get increased value for their money. Further, she mentioned that Proshare, being in a consolidation phase is able to offer far more that what subscribers got – including other markets beyond the equities market which would be highly beneficial to premium subscribers.

Meanwhile, she advised that interested subscribers can take advantage of the lower price now and subscribe to the platform, before the new price is effected, adding that TheAnalyst premium subscribers are entitled to:

1.       Market Information from the point of DATA VALIDATION to TRADE EXECUTION.

2.      Technical and Fundamental Stock Analysis

3.      Market Intelligence and Market Data 24/7 on various Capital Market instruments

4.      Up to Date Economic Data

  • Investment Tools to enhance easy decision making
  • Investor Relations on Quoted Companies
  • Share Support Service
  • Access to thought lead information from our Analysts
  • Access to NSE Live Feeds and
  • Online Trade & Execution


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