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Cadbury Nigeria announces new strategy, reviews product port


To expedite the rebuilding of its business, confectionery giants, Cadbury Nigeria has announced the commencement of implementation of its strategy program to expedite the rebuilding of its business.


In a company statement, the company’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Mr. Kufre Ekanem said, “we have just completed a comprehensive review of our business strategy. Several initiatives implemented in this respect include realignment of supply chain processes, streamlining of operations, a ‘root and branch’ overhaul of the trade distributorship system and a rationalization of our product portfolio going forward.”


According to Ekanem, “the strategy implementation phase demands that we streamline our organization to ensure that we can be competitive and effective in the market place. As a result, and following full consultation with the affected individuals, about 300 employees across all functions will exit the business.”


“Thus far, we have made some tough decisions in several areas and the emergent structure from this exercise equips us to succeed faster. We look forward to the support of all stakeholders as we expedite our business turnaround on the strength of our market leading brands.” Ekanem concluded.




Kufre U. Ekanem

Corporate Affairs Manager 

0802 733 9372;

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